About Us

Founded in 2009 by Vikash Sinha, Alphabets has seen a pioneer in providing business-centered solution to local entrepreneurs. We help brands and businesses establish a strong visual representation through creative direction and carefully crafted design. Innovative design coupled with unmatched technical development skills, delivered the desired results to our customers.

To stay on top in an ever-changing world, we invest in a fertile soil where curiosity, creativity, and an innovative mindset can flourish. The seamless cooperation that defines our tribe of digital creatives turns rough diamond concepts into result driven magic.

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We build simple, yet beautiful, robust and functional websites, integrated with advanced features & for your users. We use the best practices & technology to create customized websites to drive user engagement, acquire customers & grow your business.


Drive traffic to your website, maximize rankings, and access a wide audience reach to boost sales, ROI and develop a strong online presence for your business through strategic SEO.


Content is an integral element of digital marketing. Compelling content delivers messages to users, creates an impact and drives audience to share, discuss and leverage your brand value with others – thereby creating a chain system of referrals and lead generation.


Connect and engage with your audience via social media channels. Increase sales, grow your business, build a brand identity and drive users to become your brand’s voice on social media.

Our Approach

Any agency or brand can churn out endless white noise for products and services, but this does no one any good. Unfortunately, even after this approach inevitably fails, the reflex is often to “turn up” the noise for better results rather than fine-tune it.
At Alphabets, observing this approach has confirmed a long-held suspicion: just because an idea is louder or flashier, that doesn’t mean the message is being heard.
To be heard, we have to be smarter not louder.
This is expertly crafted disruption.
Expertly crafted disruption is so powerful, in part, because it’s so simple. If an idea isn’t disruptive or engaging enough to catch consumer attention, it’s only adding to the white noise in the background. And, if it’s not expertly crafted to be smart and innovative, it’s falling on deaf ears – no matter how loudly you blare the message.

Quality Skills

Our services comprises of various factors that are necessary to lead a business into the digital arena. In short and long we as a Digital marketing company based in Kolkata, do everything that your brand needs to make a mark in the online marketplace. The competition is stiff for all tenured and new businesses and the internet gives all an unbiased opportunity to make use of. “Alphabets“ is the Internet marketing company in Kolkata that captures on that opportunity to help your business grow.